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Group Training. We have redefined the concept of group training, bringing state-of-the-art training techniques into the exercise process for deeper results. All classes are taught by our specialized training staff and built to deliver very specific fitness goals. We’ve established an elite track record on delivering those goals for our clients.

Group training is a great complement to our personal training and also an option that works very well on a stand-alone basis. Our positive, high-energy approach keeps the classes moving quickly – and will leave you wanting to come back for more! We also offer custom small group training, in groups of as small as two students. We’ll design those classes to meet the specific goals of the participants.

Team Training. We bring depth and quality to  team training. Standard team training is designed to make athletes sweat for an hour. Our classes are intentionally designed to build strength, explosiveness, and speed. We keep our ratios of athlete to coach at or below 8 to 1, and strive to maintain the same attention to detail our small group programs are known for. We offer 10, 12, and 15 week sessions for teams interested in taking their athletes to the next level in terms of strength, explosiveness, and raw speed.

“As a very overweight AND very out of shape woman in her 40’s, I can’t begin to tell you how horrifying the thought of going to a gym was to me. As a former athlete and a person with a little dignity left, I was so intimidated at the thought of working with ‘trainers’ who would know what I was doing and monitor it. (I incidentally have had both of my knees replaced over the past 7 years due to sports injuries and osteoarthritis, another excuse I’ve been using for years as to why I can’t do most exercises.) I arrived at Breakthrough last April with a million reasons why “I can’t do this! I can’t possibly squat, lunge, plank, or have mobility like I used to have”.
I just want you to know that it just takes one small step into the door and there is a whole new world waiting!…Since April, I feel that I have regained my life, physically and emotionally. Last month I shopped in the ‘normal’ size store…for the first time in the last ten years!”
Anne Seibert