So as a precursor, Stacey came to us with piriformis syndrome and a history of IT band issue and all the typical maladies of distance running. As a mother of five she had developed some significant core dysfunction that had gone unidentified in her previous medical assessments. Turns out there was some significant scapular retraction issues (shoulder blade moving poorly) that either perpetuated or caused said core dysfunction. She has been an exemplary student and we couldn’t be happier with her progress. Without any more of my over-writing, here is her story.

I used to tell people that I have a love/hate relationship with running. I loved to run – and was pretty accomplished at it – but injuries were always lurking. Over the past 5 years, I have done more rehab than actual running: going from doctor to chiropractor to physical therapist, trying any new type of training that promised to strengthen my core or stabilize my hips. But without a doubt, the familiar strain would come. But Within 3 weeks of working with the team at Breakthrough, I am back to not only running as well and as strongly as I ever have, but I actually feel like a kid again when I run. I had forgotten how the body was designed to feel – I had forgotten how much I enjoyed the sport. Each session, I am intrigued as I learn more about how the body compensates and am excited as we peel off another layer that is getting me closer and closer to how my body was designed to function. I am training for the Flying Pig marathon and my first ironman with real hope for the first time in years that I will not only be able to complete them but will actually – finally – be able to see what I can really accomplish.


Love getting some positive feedback!

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