This will be the last of our testimonials that we will post on here. People often ask how relearning movement patterns can get them out of pain. Let Sue Schneider explain…

The team at Breakthrough, led by Josh Hostetler, has been incredible to work with. The experience has really been life altering and has changed the way I look at myself and exercise. I was very active teaching fitness classes, walking and investing a lot of time in a new found love for cycling when my injury occurred. I have had many aches and pains in the past, and had a hunch that this was a bit more serious. X-rays and MRI showed a torn glut med and piriformace tendinitis. After 4 months of downtime, many doctors, chiropractors and several PTs sessions, I was no closer to an answer on how to repair my injuries . All of them seemed to scratch their heads with nothing else to offer other than to ‘Rest’. (and i did not sense that they thought that was the answer either) Frustration was an understatement of how I was feeling. I could not believe that no one had an answer and that in my mid-forties I was potentially going to have to admit defeat. Then, ALONG CAME BREAKTHROUGH!
The team came highly recommended, but I have to admit I was skeptical that anyone could help at this point. I had not taught my classes or cycled in months and was not in a good place emotionally or physically. As soon as i walked in the door, I knew I made the right decision. As i told Josh about the injury, the journey through the system and where the pain was, instead of scratching his head like the PTs and doctors before him, he raised up his fists, smiled hard and said ‘That’s Awesome!! I can help you!”
We started out slow, working to correct my bad patterns and posture that had been in place for many years. Although at first i found it hard to believe that the major injuries I had were linked to the fundamentals, I was soon a believer. And i can’t begin to tell you how glad I was that ‘Rest’ was not an option Josh offered. Squats, lunges, breathing, posture, stretching….and lets not forget the crawling. I worked hard, Josh worked hard, to slowly fix the issues and retrain my mind and body to work properly together. I laughed and cried, gave some attitude along the way (mostly out of fear) – but always felt like we were in the fight together. After several months, I started to go back to the things I had given up, I am now back to doing everything I love again with no pain. Josh has taught me to be more aware of my body and form and what to do to keep things in check so the bad patterns don;t creep back in.
Josh has such an in-depth understanding of bio-mechanics and such passion for the work he does to help others conquer their injuries. He has taught me a great deal and has offered me, and many others, active solutions to solve complex issues. As I have talked to other clients at Breakthrough, my story is not unusual. If you are running into roadblocks with your workout or with an injury, this is the place to come! Giving up should not be something you are asked to do after an injury. Giving up is not an option for this team.
-Sue Schneider


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