Josh Hostetler


Josh Hostetler - OwnerIn my twelve plus years in the industry I have made a very deliberate effort to fill my conceptual “tool box” with a wide variety of tools to fulfill the goals of my clientele. While at Thomas More College I had the opportunity to coach four years of college football while double majoring in Psychology (to improve my understanding of my clients motivation), and Exercise Physiology under Ted Lambernides who is a GIANT in this field. Meanwhile I was fortunate enough to spend a year working at the University of Cincinnati as a strength coach, where I learned the intensity necessary to control a room full of 60 plus athletes. I also spent six months working with the Cincinnati Bengals under strength coach Chip Morton where I learned the value of becoming a student of the industry and devoting myself to daily reading to refine my skills. While still in college I was also presented the opportunity to work with former Olympic sprint coach, Joe Gentry as he prepped a dozen upper level prospects for the NFL combine. That is where I truly began to understand the detail necessary to really teach speed.

After school, in my next twelve years I spent two years at a time learning about and refining a new skill. From my time as a head strength coach at a high school figuring out sports performance, then in the private spectrum I spent two years each refining my speed program, improving my background and practice in the corrective/therapeutic realm, two years learning the Olympic lifts under Chris Cleary (who’s knowledge is unparalleled in the tristate area), to figuring out hard style Kettlebell training. Most recently I spent my time learning to teach, from working with college interns to new professionals I became more efficient at conveying the heart and sole of biomechanics. This important step was vital for assembling and preparing my staff for this new facility. I could not be prouder of the knowledge and skills that this Breakthrough staff possesses. My new realm of focus is in the gymnastics style movements and really delving into the neurological aspect of the neuromuscular system.

My goal at this facility is to offer a wide range of HIGHLY skilled professionals, eager to learn and extremely driven. I have always been a firm believer that if my focus is people, not their money, the money will take care of itself. I have been fortunate enough to find a strong staff with the same priority. Come in and see the difference that comes with education and most of all caring.

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