“No matter what I tried or which doctor I saw I always ended up with the same frustrating results. I kept hearing that same responses, that I was ‘just made this way’… After a few short weeks at Breakthrough I was moving in ways I never thought possible.”
Zach Haddad

“As a physical therapist, it was ingratiated in my head that personal trainers were my enemy: they hurt people, they don’t know what they’re doing, they don’t pay attention. Well, none of those statements hold true for Josh Hostetler or any of the other trainers at Breakthrough. Getting to know Breakthrough personally, the trainers are of the highest caliber that exists, more knowledgeable of biomechanics and neuromuscular activation than probably 90% of my own cohorts.”
Sarah Cash, PT, DPT, COMT

“I am an acupuncturist in Cincinnati and connected with Josh 2 years ago. I treat a lot of orthopedic/sports related conditions in my practice, including working with the Cincinnati Reds. Time and time again I see a patient with an issue that I can relieve, but I know there is a postural or movement component to the issue that MUST be addressed. And this is when I call Breakthrough! Every patient I have sent to them sees what I see: a team that is so passionate and enthused about what they do, that they will find a way to fix you.”
Allyson Trebbi, LAc. – Trebbi Acupuncture

“After 4 months of downtime, many doctors, chiropractors and several PTs sessions, I was no closer to an answer on how to repair my injuries . All of them seemed to scratch their heads with nothing else to offer other than to ‘Rest’. (and i did not sense that they thought that was the answer either) Frustration was an understatement of how I was feeling. I could not believe that no one had an answer and that in my mid-forties I was potentially going to have to admit defeat. Then, ALONG CAME BREAKTHROUGH!”
Sue Schneider

“Where do I begin…a former collegiate athlete, and continue to play sports at a high level at the age of 36 ( with no intentions of slowing down) Until I had knee surgery a year ago. Having been used to trainers and support all around I was truly lost when I completed the required PT post-surgery and was still unable to perform at a high level. That’s when I was introduced to Breakthrough. They immediately assessed my weaknesses and I have seen amazing changes in my strength and fitness. Their attention to detail is unmatched. My only regret is I wish I had known about them sooner!”
Jenny Post

“The team at Breakthrough, led by Josh Hostetler, has been incredible to work with. The experience has really been life altering and has changed the way I look at myself and exercise.”
Sue Schneider

“As a very overweight AND very out of shape woman in her 40’s, I can’t begin to tell you how horrifying the thought of going to a gym was to me. As a former athlete and a person with a little dignity left, I was so intimidated at the thought of working with ‘trainers’ who would know what I was doing and monitor it. (I incidentally have had both of my knees replaced over the past 7 years due to sports injuries and osteoarthritis, another excuse I’ve been using for years as to why I can’t do most exercises.) I arrived at Breakthrough last April with a million reasons why “I can’t do this! I can’t possibly squat, lunge, plank, or have mobility like I used to have”.
I just want you to know that it just takes one small step into the door and there is a whole new world waiting!…Since April, I feel that I have regained my life, physically and emotionally. Last month I shopped in the ‘normal’ size store…for the first time in the last ten years!”
Anne Seibert

5 starMy oldest child is going to college in the fall. I have not truly worked out since she was born. I’ve now been doing this for 5 weeks (about 4 more weeks than I lasted at any other workout) and I feel great! Shauna is great! I’m now addicted!
Darcy Mamutse

Great facility! Their attention to detail and proper mechanics is second to none. As an ACSM PT I need someone who is going to help push me in the right direction; trainers need trainers too! If you’re looking for professionalism and a fun environment for your wellness journey, Breakthrough is it!!!
David Lessing

“After working out with Josh twice a week for almost 3 years now I am probably in the best shape of my life. That is quite the accomplishment considering I celebrated my 40th birthday this year while my brain still thinks I am 17. Every workout is an educated experience to better understand how the body was designed to function and how to incorporate those movements into a healthy lifestyle.”
Ryan Inloes

“I was blown away at the progress Sean was able to make in going for only 12 weeks, two times per week. Sean got stronger, faster, and he got much more explosive.”
Pat O’brien

“I could not be more happy with the changes I have seen in my body and performance. After the workouts my body is exhausted but by the next day my body always recovers, allowing me to give 100% every workout. Kevin and Josh’s insistence on performing basic primitive movement patterns flawlessly before allowing me to increase weight keeps the body injury free while enhancing my speed and strength. I have been able to PR on all my core lifts every week and maintain my desired weight of 215.”
Andy Mick

Their knowledge is second to none! I’ve been training with Josh for about five years now from highschool soccer, to him introducing me to Olympic lifting, to him coaching me all the way to collegiate nationals in Johnson city. It’s a great facility with an awesome staff. Love it here!
Abby Segar

“My son Shea Kenneally has been training at Breakthrough since it opened and previously trained by Josh Hostetler for 6 years. He currently works out with Josh and Aaron Duckworth every week. He had about every incorrect movement pattern out there but through A LOT of HARD WORK, he is starting to see the fruits of his labor pay off! He is a Junior at Lebanon High School, Lebanon, Ohio and plays on the baseball team. He recently received an offer to play at the University of Evansville and is very excited! I can tell you this would not have been possible without the hard work and knowledge of Josh, Aaron and the staff at Breakthrough!”
Kevin Kenneally