Oct. 27, 2014
As a very overweight AND very out of shape woman in her 40’s, I can’t begin to tell you how horrifying the thought of going to a gym was to me. As a former athlete and a person with a little dignity left, I was so intimidated at the thought of working with ‘trainers’ who would know what I was doing and monitor it. (I incidentally have had both of my knees replaced over the past 7 years due to sports injuries and osteoarthritis, another excuse I’ve been using for years as to why I can’t do most exercises.) I arrived at Breakthrough last April with a million reasons why “I can’t do this! I can’t possibly squat, lunge, plank, or have mobility like I used to have”.
I just want you to know that it just takes one small step into the door and there is a whole new world waiting! My trainer Shauna Driggs has been AMAZING! The Breakthrough staff makes you feel immediately welcome. They meet you where you are physically and have the knowledge and skill to work around and then through any physical ailments you may have. In a traditional gym, you are lost; at Breakthrough they all know your story and look out for you. You are closely monitored to make sure you do not injure yourself and that you are getting what you need. A movement specialist, who is also a certified trainer, is a best friend to a woman like me! (And by the way still doesn’t know my weight, just knows how I feel inside!)
Since April, I feel that I have regained my life, physically and emotionally. Last month I shopped in the ‘normal’ size store…for the first time in the last ten years! (That’s HUGE, so Whoop Whoop to me!) I now have the confidence to do things I have been afraid to do for years….This past summer, due to my new muscle strength, mobility and confidence, I kayaked on the lake (previously couldn’t get out of the boat because I was too weak), I rode a jet ski (was too afraid if I fell off I couldn’t get back up), I rode a horse (and didn’t kill it), and went out in a pair of heels (more than once)! If you share my struggle, you will understand what a big deal these things are! The emotional boost of not being paralyzed by your limitations is incredible! This new confidence will carry over into both your personal and professional life. I now have a new outlook on fitness; it is as important as breathing. As a busy working mom, I have always put myself last on the family ‘to do list’. As wives and mothers, we need to remember that if we are not taking care of ourselves first, we will eventually not be there to take care of our families…Thanks to Breakthrough I was also able to dodge a bullet and remain free from medications for my cholesterol, weight, and blood pressure…. All things I was overdue to start.
Thank you Shauna Driggs and the Breakthrough team for changing my ending! The group fitness classes are affordable and provide a great supportive small setting. Each of us is fighting our own internal and physical and emotional battle. At Breakthrough, you can get past the little voice inside saying, “I can’t”, because you can and they will get you there! As I reflect back on where I was when I started to where I am now, it is incredible. If I can do it, you can too! Join us!
Thanks Breakthrough Team!
Anne Seibert

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