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Movement 101:

Mon/Wed/Fri @ 6am

Tuesday/Thursday @ 8:30am

Saturday @ 8:30am

All skill level class. Experience strength and conditioning in the Breakthrough style. Learn how to use your entire body as you move through different movement experiences to increase the intensity of your workouts, enhance your breathing patterns, and deepen your results.

Kettle Bell Skills:

Tuesday/Thursday @ 6pm

Saturday @ 8:30am

Beginning to Advanced level Kettle Bell Training. This ongoing class will help you grow and master use of the Kettle Bell, improve movement, increase your heart rate through strength and conditioning.
All skill levels welcome.
Come learn and have fun with your Breakthrough community Saturday mornings.

Movement 201 (INVITE ONLY)

Mon/Thur 5:30pm Saturday @ 9:30

Affectionately known as The Mean Girls group class. From the strong group of women participating in this class for years. 
Advance level strength and conditioning class. Kettle bell, sleds, Olympic lifting, and cardio blend. Clients can graduate to this course, ask about an invite.