“After working out at Breakthrough for the spring and summer this year, I’m MUCH faster on the soccer field. My coach has noticed. My teammates have noticed. Even other parents have commented on the difference. And, the speed has greatly enhanced my performance, as I have scored 15 goals thus far this year – double my total from last year – on my high school team.”

Sean O’Brien – High School Soccer Player

Let’s be honest, when it comes to athletic performance, speed kills. Everybody knows this, but for some reason no one seems to know how to get it!

Whether you want to run faster, jump higher, cut sharper or hit a ball farther it all comes down to a stable core and explosive hips. Our focus and skill in those two areas make our sports performance work different, quite simply we optimize movement.

Whether you’re an athlete participating at the junior high, high school, college, or professional level, we can enhance your performance. Depending on your specific goals and current movement patterns, we will create a custom program to enhance your foundation of basic movement and build into the elite level movements that allow you to excel in your sport.

An athletic body in balance can do amazing things. Improved performance is not simply a matter of working harder or sweating more, it’s a matter of getting the body realigned and firing correctly. Every athlete understands- it’s not practice that makes perfect, only perfect practice makes perfect. We carry that concept into our training protocols.

We have a proven track record of making our athletes stronger – and making them faster. Our unique personal training and small group training approach will allow your athlete to become more explosive. You’ll see a meaningful improvement in his or her speed in as little as eight weeks.

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