“No matter what I tried or which doctor I saw I always ended up with the same frustrating results. I kept hearing that same responses, that I was ‘just made this way’… After a few short weeks at Breakthrough I was moving in ways I never thought possible.”

Zach Haddad

The human body was meant to move. It’s common knowledge but uncommon practice. Our training protocols are designed not only with weight loss in mind, but with a goal of HEALTH and FITNESS. Whether the starting goal is as basic as being able to walk your dog around the block without getting out of breath or as advanced as being able to hang with those kids half your age on the court, healthy living involves more than just looking better naked. It’s about being able to get out and enjoy life. Come get in the best shape of your life. Get leaner, move better and most importantly, you’ll fee better too. Enjoy life!

Our personal training sessions are custom designed based on where you are right now, and precisely where you want to be. Whether that destination is a look, a feeling or an achievement, we are prepared to guide you down that path.

You’ll look better. You’ll feel better. But most importantly, your body will function better as your overall level of fitness rises. We’ll make you look, feel, and actually become more athletic. And once you experience the transformation with our unique and powerful approach, you’ll never want to go back to the “old” you.

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