“Breakthrough helped me avoid knee surgery, bringing my knee back to 100% functionality in less than six months. While I have worked out for three decades, their approach was very different from any I had ever seen – and was highly effective. I continue to come to Breakthrough two times a week as it’s helped get me in the best shape I have been in for at least a decade.”

Patrick O’Brien – Indian Hill

Restorative movement: This practice area comes primarily through medical referrals from some of the most influential orthopedic surgeons, physical therapists, massage therapists and acupuncturists in the city. We have a proven track record of returning clients dealing with chronic pain and repetitive use injuries to pain free physical activity.

To understand how movement reprogramming can help someone in pain, an example may be useful. Runners very often deal with anterior knee pain, it goes by many different names from runners knee, to jumpers knee, to patellar tendinitis, or patellar femoral dysfunction, and several more. Your knees were not meant to ache when you run. If they do, there is likely a flaw in your stride mechanics.

If we assume that running is a natural movement, then we can safely assume that the flaw in your stride isn’t because your body doesn’t know how to run. It is more likely that the poor stride mechanics come from your body compensating for a joint that isn’t centered or moving correctly due to tightness or inhibition somewhere in the surrounding musculature. When dealing with knee pain your culprits will generally be found at the hips/core or foot/ankle.

Through primitive movement techniques we teach you to loosen up the tight musculature and activate the inhibited musculature while re-centering the joints. With centered joints it takes only some simple pattern reprogramming and the stride mechanics tend to normalize themselves and the pain in your knee goes away. Now this is obviously a broad generalization but it provides a concept of what we do.

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