Still working through a longer, upcoming post.  In the meantime, here are some recent food links to keep you thinking…


Excellent intro to the Perfect Health Diet, which is a variation of Paleo with a focus on eating regular portions of ‘safe starches’.  Paul Jaminet explains the basics and how he came to designing it:  Expert Interview with Paul Jaminet of Perfect Health Diet on Ancestral Gourmet Cuisine

“So much of the food we now eat is not only a lie, it is a very good lie. Modern food may be the most compelling lie humans have ever told.”:  Why chicken doesn’t taste like chicken anymore

Food choices are intensely personal, especially once you decide to be more conscious about them.  Developing values for what type of foods you eat will help you continue making good choices. The downside is that it often leads to judgement of what others decide to eat.  It’s a fine line to cross, but Mark Sisson is exceptional at keeping things in the right perspective.  “When it comes to making simple food decisions, where do we draw the line between putting helpful knowledge into practice and putting ourselves through a moral gauntlet?”:  Food Shame: The Morality of Eating

One of the tenants of Paleo and other natural food diets is the avoidance of certain types of foods that are high in “anti-nutrients”, which are generally chemical components that plants use for biological processes and self-defense.  Free the Animal challenges the Paleo Diet stance on toxins, and explores the idea of anti-nutrients as nutrients in appropriate quantities:  Are You Eating Enough Anti-Nutrients, Toxins, Etc. To Be Truly Bulletproof

For fellow foodies.  If you don’t already know how to make risotto, here’s a great example of why you should:  Farmers’ Market Risotto with Spring Onion, Fresh Peas, and Mint