When watching last weeks’ video, hopefully some of you saw that notable dysfunction and wondered, ” Why don’t you just coach her to keep that knee out! She’s gonna hurt herself!” First off, I applaud you. We most certainly don’t want to strengthen our athletes from a valgus knee position. Strength on dysfunction is a recipe for disaster.
(We’re going to get a shade technical here but please stay with me, I promise I’ll reel it back in. If your attention span is limited today you may even want to skip the whole next paragraph)
At the same time, we always have to ask WHY. Why did her knee collapse? Was it tightness in her psoas or adductors (think groin)? Was it a weak/poorly functioning piriformis (little muscle in the glute)? Is there a core dysfunction that led to the bad firing pattern? Maybe a fib/tib rotational issue (bad ankle movement) threw it all out of position? The higher functioning the athlete, the better they are at compensating. If I cue the athlete’s knee out, will she use the glute med to make up for the weak piriformis? Will she create more rotational torque at the spine and hips using the QL or multifidus when really it’s a poor firing pattern at the transverse abdominis that is leading to the tight psoas which is throwing off the movement pattern in the first place (what I believe is actually happening here)?
Regardless if I correct the position I don’t actually know what I’m correcting, I just know it looks prettier. Like we discussed in the running rant, simply making it look better very possibly makes things worse rather than better.
I will be posting a very basic pelvic stabilization reprograming exercise. That, paired with the other postural work sprinkled through the circuit we should be able to watch as she becomes adaptive to her foot and just feels things out, until things move well above. This is the bodies natural assessment tool anyway. Remember if I’m doing natural movement, as long as we continue to remove inhibitors the body will continue to move closer and closer to correct movement.
I know we got overly complicated, but it was for good reason. If I am coaching positions I have NO IDEA what I am teaching the body to do. Unless you are quite confident you can pick out that deep of upper level compensation patterns, maybe it’s best to stick with dealing with movement and let the positions correct themselves. Let the foot tell the body how to move. Remember I may be dumb but the body is brilliant. Given the opportunity it will figure things out!

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